SOTMUS 2015 x CartoDB!


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SOTMUS 2015 x CartoDB!

Just over the East River from our Brooklyn office State of the Map US 2015 kicked off at the United Nations headquarters with a weekend packed full of mapping oriented talks activities and events. We at CartoDB were excited to take part and engage with a community filled with innovative thinkers - bringing the world up-to-date at the biggest Open Street Map conference. All of the energy of the mapping world converged in one space to make a great and invigorating affair.

Awesome mappers from CartoDB - Aurelia Hayley and Santiago - could be spotted helping make SOTMUS run smooth. You probably saw them navigating you in the right direction between talks or on your way to lunch.


Javier captured an awesome photo of mappers doing what they do best (having fun!) using DigitalGlobe's awesome high-resolution satellite image. This shot was taken just before lunch on Sunday. A group assembled on the blue circle and if you look closely enough you can see members of the CartoDB team and 40 other magnificent mappers including Alex Barth Jessie Braden and Seth Fitzsimmons.


We sent our love which happens to come in the form of cheesy tomato sauce goodness to Maptime. This global movement of mapmakers and geo-learners is one of CartoDB's favorite trends since Capybara vs. LoL Cat. We kicked off our continued support of this group with a pizza lunch hosted by friends at NYU's ITP at the Global Maptime Summit.


The festivities are officially over. :( Now we go back to our regular day jobs which aren't so bad when you are working with the mapping community taking pictures from satellites or eating pizza! Until next time catch us on Twitter or visit our offices to say "Hi."