CartoDB at the Startup Institute NYC!


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CartoDB at the Startup Institute NYC!

Building a startup is both difficult and rewarding work. It requires a team of dedicated and passionate people with the tools and skills to face challenges head on and re-imagine the possibilities of successful innovation. Being a product of these experiences our team at CartoDB was proud to partner with The Startup Institute New York to elevate and educate new communities of innovators!

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of facilitating a Strategy Hack workshop with the Startup Institute in New York City. The Startup Institute is the #1 career accelerator geared towards providing individuals with the skills mindset and network to succeed in jobs at startups. We were honored to once again bring powerful mapping tools to the table and give back to our fellow innovation-pioneers by creating life-long learning opportunities challenging students to rethink mapping as applied to professional practice.

As you may have noticed CartoDB's commitment to educators and students has given us the opportunity to critically engage with these communities in making CartoDB as accessible as possible for many different user groups. Our two day learning experience at the Startup Institute allowed us to further explore how CartoDB is used in the classroom while also pushing the envelope on how cloud-based mapping is applied by diverse groups of professionals. Some great maps resulted from the workshop!

Take a look at Stefanie Gray's map of active spaces in New York City:

and this revealing visual by Albert Troszczynski about how socioeconomic demographic and education are linked to party votes:


While the collective experience at the Startup Institute was exciting and fruitful our commitment to creating opportunities and elevating startups doesn't end there. our recently announced CartoDB Start-Up Grants is an exciting opportunity for emerging companies and working individuals who build digital tools for social good to bring their work to new levels using the CartoDB platform. We are excited to collaborate with innovators seeking to develop mobile or web-applications data visualizations and data collection methods that engage with community positive and socially important topics. This initiative echos our climate grant program and further strengthens our commitment to socially and environmentally progressive work.

Our goal is to provide free resources to startups around the world so if you are working at an early stage startup that could benefit from beautiful maps or an amazing geospatial backend don't hesitate get in touch!

Happy Mapping!