Can you hear me now? Talking TeleMaps at the Mobile World Congress


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Can you hear me now? Talking TeleMaps at the Mobile World Congress

We’re gearing up for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where the conference agenda highlights the blistering pace of growth and innovation in mobile communications. Mobile healthcare? Remote education? 5G?

To make all this newness possible mobile network operators are racing to install new antennas in order to expand and improve coverage. They’re laying new infrastructure so fast in fact that sometimes their coverage maps can’t keep up.

And those maps are serious business. In the US Verizon recently got into hot water for portraying T-Mobile’s map inaccurately. T-Mobile just upgraded its map to better show its 4G LTE coverage at different frequencies. Last summer Free Mobile and SFR were fined by French authorities for flawed coverage maps.

That’s where TeleMaps comes in. For network operators TeleMaps cuts the time it takes to update your coverage map from days to minutes. Our business partner Elecnor Deimos built TeleMaps on CartoDB in order to make it super easy to update clean publish and report on network coverage via fast highly-accurate branded maps.

App Screenshot

If you’re a telecom provider your network is your brand. When choosing a cellular provider the first thing a consumer does is check the coverage at their home and work locations. So having an up-to-date coverage map is crucial.

While we’re in Barcelona we’re interested in talking with telecom providers about their experience running and updating those popular coverage maps on their sites and about how TeleMaps might help. Please drop us a line and we’ll set up a time to talk.