Using CartoDB to tell stories in open data

Today we have a guest blogpost up on the OKCon blog about telling stories with open data. The post talks a bit about our recent work with the PLUTO data. We wrote the post to both talk about our interest in open data and to let people know about our workshop at this year’s OKCon event in mid-September.

At this year’s OKCon, we are very excited to be giving a small workshop to those interested in CartoDB, our open source mapping technology. We want to show others how to go from data to maps and visualizations quickly without having to sacrifice usability or beautiful design. If you are interested in those things, consider joining us for the workshop. It will be a great time and you’ll get to work hands on with us to start building the next generation of maps from open data on open source software.

See more at:

Read the full post over on OKCon.

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