Welcome Brittany

Brittany Micek

We’re excited to introduce our latest addition to our NYC team, Brittany Micek! Brittany is going to be working in the Community team as a Content Writer.

She hails from Chula Vista, California, a small town with a funny name – it roughly translates to Cute View.

Even though she is hesitant in saying so herself, she is a true writer with a professional background in all sorts of styles - from newspapers to Amazon.com.

Brittany has always had a slight obsession with location - whether physical, geographical, or mental. She is often known to ask - “where are you and where are you going?” Brittany hopes working at CartoDB will definitely help her approach her inner questions in a different way.

When not writing or mapping you can find her outdoors, as she loves challenging herself running, hiking, kayaking or even rock climbing! Reading and exploring new music and films (especially French or Spanish ones) are also passions of hers.

Brittany is mesmerized by Torque maps, especially the visualization of how people all over the world reacted to the release of Beyoncé’s new album.

Welcome Brittany!

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