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Welcome, Explorers! CartoDB Expands our Origami Practice

CartoDB Team

CartoDB began 2016 in a disruptive way by expanding location intelligence around new industries, countries, and devices. To continue to disrupt this space we need amazing explorers to join our team! We still have about 10 open positions for different departments, such as Marketing, Sales, and Product, to work in our New York and Madrid offices.

We’re growing! Here are some of our fresh new faces:

Rafael Martin Soriano


Before CartoDB Rafa was managing SeedRocket — a leading startup accelerator in Spain, at Campus Madrid (Google space for entrepreneurs). As an account executive here, Rafa helps our customers bring location intelligence into their organizations.

“I’ve known CartoDB for a long time but I got more deeply acquainted because of Sergio and Miguel. They’re both mentors at SeedRocket — where I first saw CartoDB in action, I thought it was amazing. CartoDB is everything I hoped for:
a technology leader, a startup mindset, and a diverse international team”.

Apart from work, Rafa loves sports, music, and spending time with friends, though he’s quick to say: “Whenever I’m working, I try to see work as playing. I’m trying to have fun at work and most of the time I get it, so I don’t have to have this feeling of unplugging. I try to do work that I like and I think I’m gonna have fun at CartoDB”.

Ramiro Aznar Ballarin

Ramiro Aznar

Ramiro is our newest solutions engineer, a role in which he develops proofs-of-concept using our customer’s’ data, helping them answer their biggest “where” questions.

Ramiro comes from a participatory urban planning studio where he managed GIS data and visualizations, and for ONGAWA, an organization similar to Engineers without Borders, supporting their work in Peru, Tanzania, Nicaragua, and Mozambique.

“I have a background in biology and then I started using GIS to become a GIS technician, and now I’m a GIS programmer. I am eager to put all of this in practice to helpCartoDB users!”

Just like the mission of CartoDB, Ramiro also enjoys transferring all his mapping knowledge and techniques to the people: It’s gratifying to see people making useful maps and that’s what I did in Nicaragua (I also learned from them, For example, how to use the “A tool” to make contour lines, a sustainable practice
for plowing). CartoDB is the best place in the world to help bring mapping to more people.

Ramiro also loves cooking (carrot cake is his secret weapon), dinosaurs and origami (here is his hand-made original Cartophante!).

Rafael Porres Molina


Rafa comes to us from Amazon Web Services in Dublin, and he has experience as a consultant for telecom and financial services firms. At CartoDB, he ensures our product is responsive and reliable, no matter how much traffic we get. It’s a big job!

“What attracted me is our work in the open source community, and the attention to the user community. I love that so many people use their free CartoDB accounts to do amazing things. I definitely relate to the scale and mission of CartoDB.”

His favorite place in the world is Madrid and beyond work he is an avid bike commuter.

“I bike to work every day and I used to be an active part of a Critical Mass movement in Madrid. I’m also a bass player of The Muffin Band.”

Welcome to the team!

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