Santiago Giraldo

2015: The Year of Pizza!


Supporting our mapping communities around the world is a big slice of what CartoDB is all about. We feel that it’s our fellow mappers and GIS communities that have helped shape what CartoDB is today. This is why a few months back CartoDB had the pleasure of buying pizza for a world of mappers for our March of Maptime! The pizza was a hit, and we had a blast, so we asked ourselves: “Why stop there?”.

As everyone knows, pizza and mapping go hand in hand. We enjoyed feeding and supporting our Maptime community so much that we couldn’t help but keep the pizza love coming. With so many great mapping events this week, from the largest State of The Map Conference to date this past weekend, to the first ever [Maptime Summit] today, we felt this was the perfect time to announce that CartoDB will be buying pizza for a world of Maptime Meetup mappers. This time for a whole year!

Today’s Maptime Summit kicks off CartoDB’s 2015: The Year of Pizza, where we will be providing pizza for Maptime Meetups everywhere for a whole year! It’s the least we can do to elevate our fellow mappers and work together to build a vibrant culture of mapping.

Whether you’re new to mapping, or have some great projects and insight to share, be sure to join one of the many Maptime Meetups in cities across the world. Grab a slice on us, make some great friends, share some great maps and remember - CartoDB <3 You!

Happy Mapping!

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