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Creative Cartography and Beers in Paris

Creative Cartography and Beers

Are you ready to look at maps in an unorthodox way and expand your cartographic horizons? The “Creative Cartography and Beers on March 11, in Paris, will do just that. And more importantly, seek to establish bridges between mapping and other fields - particularly creative coding and design.

Here’s the full lineup for this meetup :

  • Caroline and Leo from Dataveyes, an award-winning dataviz studio in Paris, will be giving design tips and tricks that deal with information density.

  • Clara and Jules are collaborators of Le Monde, and founders of the GoumProd collective. Their talk, “Cartographismes”, will be about incongruous cartographies, experimenting with graphical codes in maps, and exploring the unknown or surprising territories.

  • Nicolas, a talented graphic coder, will show his latest technical experiments around maps (particularly in 3D).

  • Erik from CartoDB will explore some interestingly complex datasets using technical black magic.

Le Tank will be hosting this event at their venue. Le Tank is a beautiful co-working space in Bastille, the heart of Paris, that also organizes many other events. The philosophy of Le Tank is to abolish barriers between disciplines, to promote diversity in communities, and to bring complex topics to a mainstream audience.

Knowing how awesome the mapping community is in Paris, CartoDB is happy to support this event. Erik will be attending and presenting at this event, please come and say, “hi!”

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