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Can you hear me now? How Crowdx is Changing Telecos Big Data Analytics

Crodwx and CartoDB

Wait… My call’s dropping… I think my phone is breaking up. Darn it! I’m not getting any wifi signals so all my iMessages are turning into green SMS texts instead of the placating blue. Many telecommunications agencies work relentlessly to provide solutions to many of these and other customer related problems.

Crowdx, a telecommunications analytics firm, partnered with CartoDB to help remedy these cellular woes. Aggregating large quantities of data was difficult before with many companies not having the bandwidth to properly measure customer bases or the most up-to-date tools to perform a comprehensive analysis.

Discover how Crowdx used CartoDB to create a dashboard that analyzes millions of data points to provide better solutions for telecommunications agencies:

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CartoDB loves great examples of applied data analysis and location intelligence. To find other examples of actionable insights and big data, visit our resource center.

Happy data mapping!

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