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Javier de la Torre interviews with Forbes Magazine: Changing the Name of the Data Game to Location

Data Game to Location

How we view, collect, and process data has gone through a revolutionary transformation. Roughly 45 years ago, the most widely disseminated image of the Earth was captured by NASA, The Blue Marble. Eight years ago, smartphones were invented – forever changing the way we take images and store and collect data. Now, companies like CartoDB are ushering in the age of data analysis.

Recently, our co-founder and CEO, Javier de la Torre sat down with Forbes Magazine and True Bridge to dicuss how almost all forms of data have a location component and how analyzing location data changes the way we act and react in the world.

In the first of a two-part series, Forbes explores how a new generation of tech consists entirely of data - imaging, aggregation, and analysis. In part-two, CartoDB, along with our friends at the World Resources Institute and Global Forest Watch, are highlighted for the use of location intelligence to make better business decisions and the world a better place.

Partnerships with organizations, like WRI and GFW, help broaden the understanding of location data, democratize access to that data, and help visualize the earth in a whole new way.

Javier and our friends at Forbes make it clear that imaging and location data are only going to become more relevant from here, and perhaps as common a resource for everyday decision making as a Google search.

Read more about how CartoDB is changing the game of data analysis and making location data a household name.

Happy location data mapping!

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