More map storytelling using Odyssey.js


More Odyssey.js stories keep popping up from different parts of the world. Here are some recent examples:

Germany’s way through 2014 Fifa World Cup

map of brazil


Riccardo Klinger made this map after the soccer World Cup final. It shows the location of each match played by this year’s World Cup Winners Germany starting from the first match against the Portuguese team at Arena Fonte Nova to the final versus Argentina in The Maracana stadium.

Financial Times: A world without water

financial times article


This is a perfect example of how Odyssey.js can be part of an investigative journalism story. The Financial Times gathered data on 78 corporate water projects around the globe and they used Odyssey.js to show how and where those projects have spent billions of dollars.

The story of James Rodriguez

photo of james rodriguez


This Odyssey.js is a summary of James Rodriguez’s story. Karla Jaramillo used the tool to tell all about the colombian football player childhood and his career. Check out this blog post to know more about the story making process.

Check out more Odyssey.js examples, and go to Odyssey.js to start creating your own map-based interactive stories. Have you done one already? Share it with us on Twitter: #Odyssey.js.

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