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Connecting Teachers and Students to Powerful Mapping Technology Just Got Easier

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Here at CartoDB we are always looking for new ways to enable our educational communities. From our commitment to [Education and Research in the Classroom] to our popular Educator’s Nights and workshops at universities, we’re working hard to spark new ideas in geospatial visualization and analysis across all professional fields.

Wether you’re new to CartoDB or a seasoned senior, all students can now link their Google Apps-based university email accounts directly into CartoDB! In a few clicks this union lets students skip the sign up process and get right to mapping while also receiving a pretty sizable bump up in data storage space and student resources. Talk about elevating education!

Getting started is easy. Simply follow this [Student sign up link], click the ‘Login With Google’ button, and CartoDB takes care of the rest.

Students Login

Building on the powerful resources we work hard creating for our educational communities, we have made it even easier for students to get started with CartoDB. For professors from across the world, you now use less class time getting students up and going!

Together, we can create a culture of learning!

Happy Mapping!

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