A Human Right project


Exciting news: CartoDB joins A Human Right in harnessing idle bandwidth for social causes like disaster relief and education.

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A Human Right project
A Human Right

We are excited to announce CartoDB involvement in a new project lead by A Human Right, an international nonprofit organization based in San Francisco.

Simply put, the iniative's goal is to take idle internet, cellular, and fixed wired bandwidth and put it to work for social and humanitarian causes such as disaster relief  business development, education, telemedicine and technology exploration.

United Nations and major telecommunications companies are already working on the project.

Kosta Grammatis, from A Human Right, sent us an email with a message addressed to anyone interested in participating on the initiative: "We're looking for amazing volunteer developers to help get this project off the ground, it could be a great opportunity if someone's looking to bolster their resume". You can send him an e-mail at contact@ahumanright.org.

We'll keep you updated on the progress of this initiative.