Announcing CARTO & Thinking Machines partnership


We are excited to announce that Thinking Machines a Data Science consulting firm specializing in geospatial, are now CARTO partners.

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Announcing CARTO & Thinking Machines partnership

Today we are excited to announce that Thinking Machines  a Data Science consulting firm specializing in geospatial  are now CARTO partners. Based in Singapore  Manila and San Francisco  their team works with a wide range of customers such as Globe Telecom  QuadX and UNICEF to enable them to use location analytics to solve their most challenging business problems.

Using CARTO’s platform  Thinking Machines team of Data Scientists and Consultants will be using technologies such as Google BigQuery  QGIS and Mapbox in conjunction with CARTO to create spatial models and applications that enable their customers in the APAC region to make better decisions relating to Site Selection  Territory Planning and Network Deployment - among others.

Stephanie Sy  CEO of Thinking Machines  who will be speaking at this year’s Spatial Data Science Conference reflected on the partnership:

       CARTO and Thinking Machines both believe in the power of geospatial insights for better decisions in a complex world. We’re very excited to bring better spatial data analytics tools to everyone.    

Our founder and Chief Strategy Officer  Javier de la Torre  also shared his perspective on the important of partners that push the boundaries and continue bringing together methodologies from both the GIS and Data Science worlds:

       Thinking Machines are one of the few consulting companies out there pushing beyond traditional GIS and mapping solutions to create next generation Spatial Data Science apps. We align with their vision and we’re excited that they will use our platform to deliver the insights their customers need to navigate the new normal we are living in.    

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