Announcing Twitter Maps, access Twitter data directly from CartoDB

We are happy to announce our new Twitter Maps solution, which lets you consume Twitter data (geotagged tweets) directly from the CartoDB interface. We have integrated CartoDB directly with Twitter, so you can consume Twitter data very easily.

With this new development, you will be able to create animated maps of Twitter activity about your brand or event (or any other thing happening in Twitter you can think of!). We are one of the first mapping tools to provide this service.

You may have seen some of the animated Twitter maps Twitter themselves have been creating lately.World Cup matches, Ramadan around the world, India Elections, the release of the new Beyoncé album, the UEFA Champions League final, #bringbackourgirls

These maps make for informative and engaging pieces, generating lots of map views, social shares, and new insights about the content, further communicating your event’s or brand’s relevance. They have been featured in more than 100 media outlets, such as Time, CNBC, USA Today, Huffinton Post, The Guardian, Daily Mail, Le Monde, Aftonbladet,…

Now, everyone can make Twitter maps, retrieving tweet data directly from Twitter from inside the CartoDB interface. Search for your term or hashtag, filter data as desired, and visualize them on a map. From there, use the standard CartoDB tools to create your visualizations and maps.

Sign up for the beta

For the time being this is in beta. Head over to our Twitter Maps solution page to get more information and apply for the beta program.

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