CartoDays: Hack with us for a day!

Today we want to announce the launch of CartoDays!

CartoDB began life as an internal Vizzuality tool to take away the pain of online mapping and help us create high quality data driven applications. It has been so useful for us in creating successful applications that we’ve decided to slowly open it up for others to use.

We can think of lots of new applications for CartoDB, but we are sure other developers can think of applications we have never ever considered.

So today we are announcing a new kind of event, the CartoDay!

We invite developers, designers and anyone interested in data driven applications to come and work with us at the Vizzuality offices in Madrid for a day building mapping applications using CartoDB.

Expect a typical hacking day with beer, pizzas, sushi, and of course lot of maps and geospatial fun.

In addition to Vizzuality, our attendees include people working on the cutting edge of Open Data, Games, and data driven applications, so the day promises to be a lot of fun! If you’d like to come and join us for one of our CartoDays, go to and sign up.

See you in Madrid!

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