Introducing the Spatial App Development Summit NYC!


Join the first-ever Spatial App Development Summit! Engage with experts, explore cutting-edge tools, and shape the future of spatial app development.

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Introducing the Spatial App Development Summit NYC!

The first EVER Spatial App Development Summit is coming to NYC this fall! This event will bring together experts from across the world of spatial app development. Expect a highly interactive event, with an emphasis on engagement, networking, and learning through discussions, talks and Q&A sessions.

So save the date for the 18th October - and keep reading to find out more!

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The Spatial App Development Summit - what can I expect?

The summit is designed to bring together a diverse community of app builders who are passionate about integrating maps, analytics and data visualization using cutting-edge tools like

Some of the talks include:

  1. The Status Quo of App Development in Geospatial Presented by Alberto Asuero, CTO at CARTO. Gain insights into the current state of geospatial app development and the opportunities that lie ahead.
  2. Expanding Capabilities to Adapt Your App to Your Business Needs. Felix Palmer, Principal Rendering Engineer at CARTO, will guide you through maximizing to tailor your app to your specific business requirements.
  3. The Future of MapLibre and Integrations with Yuri Astrakhan, Co-founder of MapLibre, delves into the exciting future of MapLibre and how it synergizes with
  4. Advanced Analytics in Webapps with CARTO Workflows. Matt Forrest, Field CTO at CARTO, will showcase advanced analytical techniques within web applications using Workflows.
  5. CoreLogic’s Spatial Compute Journey for Property Insights by Sourav Ganguly (Senior Director, Cloud Architecture) & Ashish Jain (Principal Software Architect, Spatial Architecture) from CoreLogic
  6. Using and Photorealistic 3D Tiles to Create More Realistic Applications by Travis McPhail, Google Maps Platform Engineering Director

Throughout this event,  you'll have the opportunity to connect with industry leaders, innovators, and fellow enthusiasts who share your passion for pushing the boundaries of geospatial applications. Check out a few of the organizations who will be represented below!

The logos of the following companies: Google, CARTO, Snowflake, AWS

The details

When: Wednesday 18th October, 9AM - 5PM (Eastern Time)

Where: Jay Conference Bryant Park, 109 W 39th St, New York, NY 10018, United States

Reserve your spot & find more details on this event here!

P.S. Spatial App Development Summit ticket holders get a 50% discount on tickets to the Spatial Data Science Conference, which is happening the following day!


We can’t wait to welcome you all to New York for this event! Can’t make it? Check out our full calendar of Spatial Data Science events to see what else is coming up!