New Spatial Data Science Video Research Guides


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New Spatial Data Science Video Research Guides

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This past fall they joined us at our NYC headquarters to work alongside our data science team in creating video guides walking step-by-step through the research done and the process behind two of our latest spatial data science projects.

Understanding Usage of NYC Public Parks with Spatial Data Science

Understanding park usage

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In this project our data scientists visualized and analyzed over a million anonymized data points from mobile GPS data and open-source data from New York City's Department of Parks and Recreation. This allowed us to look specifically at how people spend time and interact with other people in New York City's public parks. This kind of detail can help inform regulations park policy future park design and much more.

Explore the data and get more details on the project here

Using Spatial Data Science to Improve Food Truck Sales

Improving food truck sales

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Advances in Location Intelligence and spatial data science continue to transform business practices and business decision making processes and site planning is a prominent example of this change. With insights from new data streams it is even possible to determine what sites are most likely to increase sales for seasonal temporary and mobile businesses.

Our data science team worked with one month's worth of anonymized transaction data for each of a local food truck company's 10 food carts. Using this information they were able to assess current performance build increasingly confident revenue models and finally predict the six best performing food truck locations for future operation in New York City.

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