Spatial Data Scientist of the Year Award 2022


At #SDSC22 the first winner of the Spatial Data Scientist of the Year award will be announced. Submit your nomination today!

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Spatial Data Scientist of the Year Award 2022

At this year’s upcoming Spatial Data Science Conference New York we’ll be announcing the third winner of the Spatial Data Scientist of the Year award in person.

Do you know someone who has pushed the boundaries of spatial analysis in 2022? Someone who has used the power of location to have a significant impact on our world? Someone who has used new types of data and advanced methodologies to put Spatial Data Science on the map? We want to hear about them and their work.

Judged by our committee of Spatial Data Science experts  the winner of this award will be announced on October 20th at the end of the main conference day. The winner will receive a complimentary ticket to the event or have the opportunity to join us live virtually.

People in the Spatial Data Science Conference

The committee for the Spatial Data Scientist of the Year Award will base their decision on the following criteria (all of which have an equal weighting):

  • Use of new types of data: the individual has used new types of geospatial data which are considered more challenging to analyze  moving the needle for their organization to extract insights from new types of location data (rather than using traditional datasets only). This might be mobile event data  GPS data  indoor WiFi data  social media data or any other type of Big Data which has only recently started to be used in spatial analysis workflows.
  • Impact of projects delivered: the results of the individual’s analysis and modeling are causing a change in their industry and/or being applied to a real business or societal challenge.
  • Innovation in methodology: the individual uses new technologies  libraries and methodologies to create spatial models  creating more sophisticated models for their organization or research.

The committee understands that innovation in Spatial Data Science is spread across academia  private and public sectors as well as not for profits or volunteers. They look forward to seeing nominations from all types of organizations.

Nominations should be submitted by September 23rd 2022.

Know someone who deserves to be Spatial Data Scientist of the Year?  

Nominate them now!