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Spatial Data Science Conference '21: First Speakers Announced

The 5th annual Spatial Data Science Conference is just over a month away and we are very excited to announce our first lineup of speakers! #SDSC21 will be available to the largest audience ever as a free virtual conference taking place between October 25th and 28th. In addition to opportunities to network with thousands of leaders and professionals via the online platform, the event features over 30 distinct sessions across 4 interactive days.

By making #SDSC an online event, it's now the world's largest & most global gathering of Spatial Data Science experts. It's an exciting thing to be a part of.
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Speakers joining us for #SDSC21 include:

  • Anita Graser - Scientist - Austrian Institute of Technology - Anita is a spatial data scientist, open source GIS advocate, & author. She's the developer of MovingPandas, a Python library for analyzing movement data & has published several books about QGIS, including “Learning QGIS” & “QGIS Map Design”.
  • Martin Fleischmann - Research Associate / Data Scientist - University of Liverpool - Martin is a member of the Geographic Data Science Lab at the University of Liverpool. Researcher in urban morphology & geographic data science focusing on quantitative analysis of urban form & open-source software.
  • Claire Byrne - Spatial Data Scientist - Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland - Claire has a background in GIS and spatial analysis, applying these skills in the environmental sphere for over 14 years, and adjusting toward spatial data science more recently.
  • Jonathan Americo - Sr. Product Marketing Manager - TomTom - Jonathan has more than 10 years of experience working with tech products, location data, & mobility solutions for different international companies across the globe. He is currently at TomTom focusing on smart mobility.
  • Giulia Carella - Data Scientist - CARTO - Giulia holds a PhD in Statistical climatology from the University of Southampton (UK) and previously she worked as a researcher at the Le Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement (FR).
  • Pelayo Arbués - Head of Data Science - Idealista - Pelayo is Head of Data Science at idealista. Previously, he worked as an Applied Economics researcher in Academia and in 2015 he started his career as a Data Scientist in the private sector.
  • Taylor Reich - Research Associate - Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (US) - Taylor (they/them) leads ITDP's global analytics program, measuring urban mobility and emissions in cities around the world. Their background is in biochemistry and Middle Eastern housing policy.
  • Andrea Gorrini - Transport Research Consultant - Systematica Srl - Andrea is an environmental psychologist with experience in human behavior in transport systems, crowd dynamics and walkability. Since 2019, she collaborates with Systematica as Transport Research Consultant.
  • Iacopo Testi - Urban Artificial Intelligence Scientist - RHEA Group - Iacopo works at the intersection of data science, sustainability, and urbanism applying artificial intelligence models to the urban domain. Specifically, he develops supervised and unsupervised artificial neural networks such as generative adversarial models, 1d and 2d convolutions, long-short term memory on earth observation, images and tabular data. He supports the preparation of national and international bids within the European Space Agency context, between future earth observation, space for air mobility, and space applications to advance circular cities.
  • Geoff Michener - CEO & Co-Founder - dataPlor - Geoff is an entrepreneur, international business executive & outdoorsman with 10+ years of experience providing successful outcomes for global enterprises. His specialities include geospatial data, business development & counterterrorism.

Thanks to #SDSC21 Sponsors

Graphic displaying sponsors of #SDSC21

  • Google Cloud - Helping you build what's next with secure infrastructure, developer tools, APIs, data analytics and machine learning. Find out how computing power delivered everywhere, for everyone, is transforming business with GCP, G Suite, Google Maps API, and Chrome & Android devices.
  • Fulcrum - Fulcrum's vision is to reduce the time, cost, and risk associated with data collection, workflow automation, and analytics by transforming the way their customers perform mobile business processes. Their SaaS platform allows non-developers to rapidly build and deploy apps — in minutes rather than days — without code.
  • TomTom - TomTom technologies are helping to solve the challenges of climate change and road-related accidents by changing the way people move. That’s what motivates them to create and refine products that are designed to accelerate the adoption of automated, connected, and electric driving.
  • Unacast - Unacast is the leading transparent and contextualized location data platform. They empower companies to make smarter decisions and build better products by providing the most accurate understanding of human activity in the physical world through the Real World Graph®.
  • Veraset - Veraset are a leader in the location data space, providing raw and pre-processed population movement datasets. Veraset datasets are the foundation of data-driven decisions, products, and services by fueling innovation and empowering leaders in startups, enterprises, and the public sector to understand and predict population movement.
  • Safegraph - SafeGraph is a data company. That's it - that's all they do. They predict the past. Their mission is to democratize access to data with a five year goal is to be THE source for accurate data about every physical place in the world.
  • OmniSci - OmniSci’s mission is to make analytics instant, powerful, and effortless for everyone. OmniSci leverages the full power and parallelism of modern hardware, both CPU and GPU, to allow you to explore and extract insight from your largest datasets without lag.
  • SingleStore - SingleStore handles transactions and analytics, effortlessly, at the same time. Structured, semi-structured or unstructured. Streaming and historical alike. Unified through a single-pane-of-glass experience to make timely, accurate insight accessible for every worker and every workload.
  • dataPlor - dataPlor leverages people and technology to deliver the most accurate points of interest data in Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Their comprehensive business records power mapping, data, and growth teams at leading companies around the world.
  • Foursquare - Foursquare’s mission is to build the most trusted, independent platform for understanding how people move through the real world.
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