A Coldplay for the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50


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A Coldplay for the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50

Last night the Carolina Panthers were smothered by the Denver Broncos in what ended in a two-touchdown lead game. How did the U.S. react? What did they think about that last call on possession? Will we ever come to a consensus on whether Beyonce stumbled during her performance?

One of the most lively and active forum of public opinion during Super Bowl 50 is Twitter. Millions of users tuned and logged on to comment in real-time on the various aspects of one of the most televised events in American television.

CartoDB technology allows organizations such as Twitter to interact and talk with audiences get more insights and knowledge about demographics while making the most of events around the world. For example in this choropleth map of
the US each state is colored depending on which team is tweeted about the most in each state.

As seen from this Twitter map the Panthers were widely favored across the U.S. with more and more people and states tweeting about the Panthers and Cam Newton. Despite this being Peyton Manning’s assumed last bowl game (he’s one of the oldest quarterbacks in NFL history to go to a Super Bowl game - the second being John Elway) Colorado not entirely a shocker seemed to be the only state heavily tweeting about the Broncos. Oh and there was Beyonce. Without a doubt [#SB50] is by far the number one news and media topic covered all over the 50 states.

This map is a [live Twitter map] during the game! Every time the Broncos intercepts a Panthers play or when Beyonce almost stumbled on stage all of that can be seen visually but the reactions can be mapped via location on a Twitter map. The data-driven visualization has a time series widget that displays the percentage of tweets by both teams and the halftime show and a widget that shows the top six most talked about players throughout the game. You can interact with the map and filter for Broncos or Panthers or Manning or Newton - or any other player - or different combinations thereof.

Coldplay Bruno Mars and Beyonce gave a winning performance.
But Unfortunately for Cam Newton Twitter maps and public sentiment can’t predict the outcome of games maybe they forgot something in Formation. :(

This is just one out of several examples of show location intelligence can help you gain insights!

Happy data mapping!