CartoDB goes BIG!!!


The power of Big Data with CartoDB! Join us for a week of insights, webinars, and events. Discover how location intelligence can transform business decisions.

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CartoDB goes BIG!!!





Big Data

What is constantly increasing its volume  variety  and velocity and greatly effects your business's bottom line if not properly utilized? Big Data!

At CartoDB we know just how important the amount of data that you collect  how you understand and analyze that data  and how that analysis turns into better cost effective decision making for your organization is.

That's why we want to celebrate CartoDB's solution for Big Data! Our technology allows you to filter and drill-down hundred of millions of data points and provide actionable analysis like never before. That's why we've dedicated a whole week to show you the benefits of big data analysis. From April 4 - 10  discover:

  • What Big Data is
  • Why Big Data matters
  • How to handle large data volumes
  • And why Location Intelligence is essential for big data analysis

We will be featuring blog posts on our big data solution  a white paper  a [webinar] about Deep Insights  an exclusive event  and much  much  more!

  • Follow us on our social media networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Medium, and Slideshare. We will be posting key information, tips, facts, and insights for big data, under the hashtag #CartoDBforBigData
  • We know you already do, but … don’t forget to check our blog! We will be writing interesting and informative blog posts about how visual analysis can help your business intelligence to performance in the big data world.
  • Our EMEA Sales Director, Jaime de Mora, is giving a 45-minute webinar next Thursday, at 1 p.m EDT: [Deep Insights–Transform Data Into Actionable Insights].
    He will show you how to manage and analyze your data, how to create a widgets’ dashboard based on your business needs, and the results and tangible benefits that you can get from it.

How can you stay in the loop on all things Big Data and participate in CartoDB’s Big Data week:

We have more planned for you  so don’t forget to mark your calendars!

Happy Big Data mapping!