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CARTO + Two Tools, One Workflow

Organizations use an increasing number of technologies to create a unique stack suited to their specific needs. But working with multiple software tools can be tedious, as routine tasks and disconnected workflows can add up to a lot of time not focusing on your most relevant work. We know connecting your tools and services is important, which is why CARTO can be connected to your favorite services, BI and GIS tools, or data warehouses.

We’re taking another step in helping you create a smooth experience across the tools you already use. We’re excited to announce our integration with, Uber’s open source geospatial data visualization tool.

This is not the first time CARTO and Uber have joined forces. We both share our commitment to Open Source, Open Data, and Open Science. In fact, CARTO joined the Urban Computing Foundation Technical Advisory Committee alongside Uber and other leading organizations to accelerate open source and community development that improves mobility, safety, road infrastructure, traffic congestion and energy consumption in connected cities.

CARTO + Kepler: A Winning Duo is a full client-side application where users can visually explore large-scale geolocation data. This new integration with CARTO brings a new cloud storage feature to, allowing users to share and save maps privately using CARTO.

If you’re a user, you can now easily share your work done in with your team, saving it straight to CARTO and coming back to it anytime. You can also check out all the advanced geospatial analytics features that come with a CARTO account.

If you’re already using both CARTO and, your workflow will be a lot smoother as you will be able to save and manage all your maps in just one place.

1. Share maps via a public URL

Once you’ve created a map in, you can create a public link to share it using CARTO’s cloud storage.

2. Save maps to CARTO

Want to keep your maps private? Just save them to your CARTO account. You can come back later and make any changes you may need.

3. Load your maps from CARTO to

Work seamlessly across platforms. Once you’ve saved a map to CARTO you can easily load it back again to

4. Manage all your maps from CARTO

Find maps created with in your CARTO account and manage all your maps in one single place—no more back and forth between tools.

How to get started

This integration is readily available at, where you will CARTO as an option in the Share and Cloud Storage sections of the navigation menu. You simply need to log in to your CARTO account, or create one if you haven’t already.

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