CARTO platform natively deployed in Snowflake: now in Beta!


Undertake powerful spatial analysis by deploying the CARTO platform natively inside Snowflake with Snowpark Container Services!

This post may describe functionality for an old version of CARTO. Find out about the latest and cloud-native version here.
CARTO platform natively deployed in Snowflake: now in Beta!

We’re excited to share that the full CARTO platform will soon be available as a Snowflake Native App integrated with Snowpark Container Services in Snowflake! Coming to the Snowflake Marketplace in beta in June 2024, by installing CARTO inside Snowflake, users will benefit from seamless integration, optimized performance and more robust security.

Through our collaboration with Snowflake, we provide users with a platform for advanced spatial analysis at scale. Snowflake users such as Indigo AG & Werner can easily access CARTO's spatial analytics capabilities directly within the Snowflake environment, including geospatial visualization, analysis, and app development functionalities.

Following our announcement of CARTO’s support for Snowpark Container Services last year, we’re excited to bring you this latest release to make your spatial analysis even more seamless.

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Deploying CARTO with Snowpack Container Services
Deploying CARTO natively in Snowlake

What are the benefits of deploying CARTO inside Snowflake?

The CARTO Snowflake Native App caters to a wide variety of customer needs. Organizations grappling with restrictive access to data, intricate network configurations or stringent security protocols will find this integrated solution a game-changer. By installing CARTO directly into Snowflake, users can leverage the full spectrum of CARTO's features while retaining control over their data within the Snowflake environment.

The main benefits you will experience include:

  • Streamlined Deployment and Maintenance: With one-click installation through the Snowflake Marketplace, you can save valuable time and resources in deployment and ongoing maintenance. Users can be confident they are always using the latest version and patches of CARTO, complete with all the newest features.
  • Enhanced Performance: By residing within the Snowflake environment, CARTO's performance is optimized, as data processing occurs in the same place as the data source.
  • Heightened Security: With data never leaving Snowflake's secure environment, organizations can work with larger datasets and complex analytics operations in a safe and controlled manner.

Find us on the Snowflake Marketplace here.

How can you get started?

Check out how you can easily get started with deploying CARTO inside Snowflake in just a few clicks below!

Start your journey!

By deploying CARTO inside Snowflake, users can benefit from seamless integration, enhanced performance, and uncompromised security.

If you want to learn more about how to leverage CARTO to supercharge your Location Intelligence in Snowflake, request a demo with one of our geospatial experts.