CartoDB's Humanitarian Hand and the UN Global Pulse Annual Report

We’ve got a theory that mapping the global impact of data and information helps create better, more socially aware, and global citizens.

CartoDB's Humanitarian Hand and the UN Global Pulse Annual Report

Take a graph of a water drought in South Sudan, for example. To visualize that data on a map provides a depth of narrative that’s never before been seen.

The Annual United Nations Global Pulse Report is now available, and our collaboration with Global Pulse is just one of the many amazing endeavors we are proud to join. Global Pulse is contributing to a body of evidence that demonstrates how big data analysis can complement traditional approaches to development planning and monitoring. The importance of CartoDB in Global Pulse only further affirms our beliefs in using data for social development and humanitarian efforts.

Launched in 2009, by UN-Secretary General, the Global Pulse Initiative aims to use data sources to help facilitate development and humanitarian action. The report embraces the importance of data analysis in achieving sustainable development, in addition to demonstrating how data aggregation can play a role in influencing decision-makers and shaping public service and policy.

As a collaborator, CartoDB assisted in providing access to data, technologies, and expertise to carry out projects with social impact. The Global Pulse Report is just one of the many outstanding initiatives that demonstrates how powerful data, technology, and mapping can be, and proves our theory true!

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