Visualizing Impactful Real Estate Decisions with GROW.LONDON


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Visualizing Impactful Real Estate Decisions with GROW.LONDON

Real estate is an industry that relies heavily on data-driven insights and visualizations. Agencies listing services property departments all choose CartoDB to visualize their business and make insightful decisions.

Companies such as HERE Platform and Rightmove have used CartoDB to create amazing visualizations to allow businesses and individuals to stay up-to-date about the status of city development.

GROW.LONDON developed by JLL and London & Partners using CartoDB is a series of visualizations that show the city of London in order to help businesses located there make real estate focused decisions easier.

Based on this amazing project CartoDB created a case study with the objective of showing people how they can make decisions for better cities and more accurate real estate predictions.

To learn more ways that CartoDB is used in the real estate sector view the case study:

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In this two page study you will discover London and uncover new insights on:

  • Demography: Population Employment and Economy
  • The characteristics of London's markets and their status - established emerging and future
  • London's history: a chronology of London landmarks and developments
  • Residential market: housing prices annual and current changes
  • London's existing transportation network and prospective infrastructure projects

Happy data mapping!