New Academy Course: Intermediate Map Design

Ever wonder which kind of map to make? Lesson 1 of our new Intermediate Map Design Map Academy course can help you decide!


So you’ve found your data, uploaded it to CartoDB, and see something like this:


Or you start to use the Choropleth wizard, but so far most of your polygons look too similar:


Getting your data organized and uploaded is a great start, but in both maps it’s likely too hard for users to pick out the story you’re trying to tell. What design decisions can you make now to make your map more understandable?

We’ll help you figure that out in Intermediate Map Design. Lesson 1 explains which CartoDB wizards are good choices based on the kind of data you have. It also introduces topics like Normalization and Quantification. Future lessons are going to cover Color and Typography in detail.

We hope you find this course useful! If you have feedback on it or want to suggest another lesson, please let us know at

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