Introducing our new CEO: Luis Sanz


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Introducing our new CEO: Luis Sanz

I am pleased to announce that we have appointed Luis Sanz as CARTO’s new CEO effective immediately.

We started CARTO in 2012 with the vision that Location Intelligence would be a fundamental component of Data Analytics to optimize and predict how the world works both for business and for our environment. We knew the demand for technology in this space was only going to grow and providing a flexible platform would be critical in order to meet the industry’s needs. Today that reality is already here and we see our platform growing rapidly as we discover more and more interesting use cases where Location Data and Analytics are fundamental.

The last 7 years have been an incredible ride growing and positioning the company as an industry leader closing in on multi-billion dollar incumbents in the Location Intelligence platforms space. With new Location Data Streams with partners like Mastercard and Vodafone we are only just beginning to grasp what the future of Spatial Data Science will be a future where we will be able to know precisely where things happen and why in real time.

A few months back I started a dialogue with the CARTO board about what type of leadership will be needed for our next phase of growth - bringing both experience and focus to the table. So today I am very excited to announce that after an extensive candidate search Luis Sanz will be joining the team as Chief Executive Officer.

Luis is an exceptional leader with strong experience founding and growing disruptive companies. Since meeting in New York a few years ago (while he was running Olapic as COO and Co-Founder) I came to admire his audacity and skills when it comes to building and inspiring teams. Luis is a technologist turned growth CEO who will bring new energy in his mission to scale up our business seeing product and innovation as key drivers. He is not just a great cultural fit for CARTO as a company but also for the community.

Luis Sanz stated "I’m really excited to be part of the next phase of CARTO and humbled to get the opportunity to lead such a team of knowledgeable dedicated and respected people that have created an incredible platform from the ground up.”

While my chapter as CARTO’s CEO winds down I am not leaving the team. I will remain a Board member in addition to being responsible for Business Development and Strategy as Chief Strategy Officer.

For CARTO I know we are just getting started and that we’re on our way to our next stage of growth becoming an even more significant player in the Location Intelligence space.

I am grateful and proud to have been part of this journey and look forward to what’s to come. See you around! — Javier de la Torre

For additional details on the news please see our official press release.