Enrich Spatial Analysis with Landgrid's Nationwide Parcel Data


Landgrid brings their nationwide parcel data, which Boasts over 143 million land parcels across 2,800 counties, to the CARTO Data Observatory

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Enrich Spatial Analysis with Landgrid's Nationwide Parcel Data

The map of America is divided and subdivided by hundreds of geographies and geometries at a wide variety of spatial scales. Some of these ever-present boundaries are familiar for example the geopolitical boundaries of our towns counties and states. Others like parcel data are less frequently referenced discussed and visualized. But with its deep granularity and implications on land ownership taxation and more parcel data is a powerful resource for data enrichment and spatial analysis.

Granular Data Near-complete Coverage

Landgrid a product of Detroit Michigan-based Loveland technologies is a national parcel dataset released in 2019. Noting that parcel data and geometries while important have often been inaccessible requiring the compilation of data from wide-ranging and incomplete sources their goal is for Landgrid to provide a unified view.

Boasting over 143 million land parcels across 2 800 counties covering 95% of residents of The US and Puerto Rico Landgrid is comprehensive. In addition to ID's and geometric boundaries much of their parcel data includes further detail such as address owner tax details and assessment information and more. In total their parcel data has additional detail across over 100 different data fields.

Take a look below at a sample of this parcel data representing all parcels within a two mile radius of downtown Dallas and visualized using CARTOframes:

Leveraging this data within a solution that allows you to visualize and filter by the dataset's additional fields and categorizations can help to provide a deeper level of spatial insight for businesses and organizations across industries.

Enriched Analysis with Parcel Data

CARTO's Data Observatory is designed to enable Data Scientists to augment their data and broaden their analyses with the latest and greatest in location data. With applications across dozens of industries adding Landgrid's parcel data is a no-brainer and an instant value add for CARTO users. Among its many applications this data can be used to augment analysis for:

  • Geomarketing
  • Infrastructure planning for energy and other utilities
  • Insurance assessment
  • Climate Modeling and Disaster Relief
  • Canvassing and Political Activation

Start augmenting your data and leveraging Landgrid's parcel data in your analysis today!

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