Love Wins!


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Love Wins!

What a victorious last week's Friday! The Supreme Court of the United States announced today  June 26  2015  the legalization in ALL states of same-sex marriage. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Last week was the last of the Supreme Court’s term and the beginning of Pride Week in two major U.S. cities: San Francisco and New York City.

Marriage equality is now the law of the land.

To honor this monumental moment in history and to show our support we’ve created a Torque Category map using our [Twitter API] to share how powerful and exciting this new court decision is. The map features some of the top trending hashtags within the first few hours of the ruling. The hashtags have been color-coded using the ubiqitous hues of the Rainbow Flag created by Gilbert Baker.

CartoDB is always proud to stand by justice and equality.


Read the decision at the United States Supreme Court's website.

Also take a look at an awesome map of the Pride Parade Route over the years from our great friends at LinePointPath.

Happy Pride and Happy data mapping!