Mastering layers in CARTO Builder


This post may describe functionality for an old version of CARTO. Find out about the latest and cloud-native version here.
Mastering layers in CARTO Builder

When working with maps and analysis it’s essential to have effective control over the data layer hierarchy and the analysis attached. In CARTO Builder managing your layers and analytical workflows has never been easier thanks to our intuitive layer list and analysis nodes. When working with more than one dataset the Builder’s layer list allows for complete control over the hierarchy of your visualization.

Right away you will notice that the data on the map is rendered in the same order as the layers in your list. Each dataset brought in is assigned a letter beginning with "A " in the order they were brought in.

When a layer is moved higher up the visualization will dynamically adjust to represent the changes. Also in the layer list you will find the basemaps layer. While this layer can not be moved selecting the basemaps layer allows you to select basemaps from a wide range of providers or upload your own.

You will notice that some basemap layers place labels on top of your data. These basemaps allow you to sandwich your data between the basemap itself and the basemap labels element. This is also represented in CARTO Builder’s layer list which gives complete visibility to all aspects of your visualization hierarchy.

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Happy Mapping!