Meet us at the International Open Government Data Conference

Putting data to work. That’s the next step of the open data movement and the theme of the second >International Open Government Data Conference (IOGDC), starting today at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington. World Bank’s president Jim Young Kim first public speech is kicking off the meeting, co-sponsored by the U.S. General Services Administration,, the World Bank Open Data Initiative and the Open Development Technology Alliance.

The IOGDC >Virtual Conference on best practices from around the world is ongoing since last Friday. It’s been available through streaming. We’ve participated with a lightning talk on how to use CartoDB with open government data to build maps and location-aware apps with ease.

If you are attending the meeting, feel free to visit our booth (it will be decorated with the image below). We’ll be demoing CartoDB and attending requests.

If you’re interested in exploring CartoDB, we’ll show you how to import your data, mashup datasets, use it to explore and discover new relationships in your data, and publish and share your work. We’ll also show you how to use CartoDB as your datastore.

The IOGDC will be a great opportunity to meet experts, policy makers, developers and others working in open government. It will also promote a “dynamic discussion around the historic opportunity presented by open government data to foster collaboration, transparency, and interactive public participation”. O’Reilly Media’s Correspondent, Alex Howard, will liveblog the conference here.

See you there!

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