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What We Learned At NACIS 2017

The North American Cartographic Information Society’s annual meeting took place a few weeks ago in Montreal, Canada. It’s an important conference for GIS professionals, where you can learn new tips and techniques from the industry’s top cartographers and companies. Some of us from CARTO were lucky to attend and give presentations about data-driven cartography for Data Scientists and tips for making web maps responsive. Here are a few of the other talks we liked:

Ghost Cities
  • CARTO’s Wenfei Xu gave a talk about work she did while at MIT: Ghost Cities of China.

  • Lyzi Diamond had a great illustrated explanation of when and why digital services like Mapbox & CARTO use Web Mercator vs. WGS84 projections.

Exported Images
  • Aaron Dennis from the Azavea Data Analytics Team pointed out that your interactive or animated data vis can be shown as a static screenshot when re-shared by others. Sometimes that static image misrepresents what you’re trying to show. Here’s their Node.js/D3/Canvas solution for generating the right static infographics efficiently.
Rain On Terrain
NYC Crash Mapper
Antarctica Map

…start from sketches like this:

Antarctica Sketch

NACIS has posted the recorded talks here on YouTube. We’re already looking forward to next year’s meeting!

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