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What are the New Public Pages

We are thrilled to announce the new CartoDB Public Pages. The new Public Pages enable a profile for you or your organization with an easy to remember URL accessible by anyone, showing all your public visualizations and data. The new Public Pages live at {yourusername}

Up until now, you were able to share your map with a URL or embed it on your website, but it may have often been difficult to find that URL if you didn’t save it. There was also no way to list all your visualizations and data tables. Now, you have your own public profile in which all your public visualizations and data are listed. They are easily browsable and discoverable by anyone. Think of it as your Twitter page, which lets people discover all your tweets and interact with you.

New Public Pages opens up a world of possibilities

Being able to browse a user’s or organization’s visualizations and data opens up a great deal of possibilities. From inspiration and ideas to collaboration, the new Public Pages makes it super convenient to easily interact around a given visualization: comment on it, share it, republish it on your site and more.

You can also access the raw data tables that were used to build a visualization. This is a feature we love: if someone is sharing their data, you will be able to just upload it to your CartoDB account and start creating your own visualization from that point. If you filter, improve or edit the data, you will also be able to share this modified version of the data, starting the cycle again. Many people and organizations work with open data in CartoDB, so this will improve the pace at which you are able to share, remix, and reuse open data for your geospatial projects.

In the coming weeks we’ll be adding new ways to discover and explore visualizations and content.

Controlling what appears on your Public Page

If you are a paying user, you can easily set the privacy settings for each of your visualizations and data tables. Your already created content (visualization or table) will not be shown in your public profile by default. You can easily access your visualizations and tables and choose to show them publicly.

When creating new content, you will be able to select the privacy level you want. If you are creating your visualization to share with the world, just leave the default to share it in your public profile. If your visualization is for internal or private collaboration, you can just change the privacy setting.

Public on the web means it will be listed in your public page. Anyone with a link means it will not be listed in your public listed, but will be accessible to anyone who gets the link.

For our free accounts, all content (tables and visualizations) created prior to April 7th 2014 will not be listed in your public profile (although they remain accessible if someone has the URL, as they always have been). You can easily access your visualizations and tables and choose to show them publicly. But beware, once you select that a visualization or table is publicly listed, you won’t be able to go back ;)

Tables and visualizations that you create from now on will be listed in your public profile. So if you are publishing sensitive content that must remain private, remember to upgrade your account.

What changes

The URL for your new public profile is {yourusername} You may have been using this URL as the way to access your private dashboard. Now, this URL will show different content, but you will have a link in the header of this new page to easily access your private dashboard. (Although if you are power user of CartoDB, chances are that the complete URL for your dashboard is remembered in your browser’s history!)

Stay tuned for more improvements on this (and many other) fronts! If you aren’t already a CartoDB user, you can start your free trial and create amazing visualizations with your data. And you can start building your CartoDB profile, of course.

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