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PMI, Litterati, & Clear Channel Win Geospatial Excellence Awards

Initiated in 2007, Geospatial World Awards are internationally-acclaimed premium awards recognizing exemplary practices in the global geospatial industry. With the ceremony taking place at Geospatial World Forum every year, the awards have recognized over 150+ organizations to date.

We are very pleased to announce that at this year’s ceremony, which took place last night, two solutions powered by CARTO won Geospatial Excellence Awards;

The Geospatial Excellence in Environmental Protection award was presented to Philip Morris International (PMI) and Litterati for their ‘Our World is Not an Ashtray’ (WNA) initiative.

The Geospatial World Innovation award was presented to Clear Channel for their Out of Home (OOH) campaign planning tool ‘RADARView®’.

Photograph taken at the Geospatial World Awards 2021

Photograph taken at the Geospatial World Awards 2021

Using Location Intelligence to Combat Litter

“Our World Is Not an Ashtray” (WNA) is an online platform dedicated to raising awareness about the issue of cigarette butt littering and engaging adults around the world to take steps to reduce littering.

Screenshot of Our World Is Not an Ashtray platform

In partnership with Litterati, Cortexia, and CARTO—Philip Morris International have implemented a data-driven approach to assess the prevalence of cigarette butt litter across the globe; identify litter hotspots; and monitor the impact of anti-littering activities.

Learn more about the initative by reading our customer story.

How Spatial Data Powers the Reimagination of OOH

Clear Channel RADARView® (powered by CARTO) brings powerful digital insights of audience groups including demographics, location and point of interest visits, brand affinity, and online browsing behaviors to the real and physical world of Out of Home for more effective, flexible, and data-driven campaign planning.

Screenshot of RADARView tool

The technology provides invaluable data to help brands reflect how consumer behaviors change, and to build more nuanced and effective outdoor advertising, securing stronger consumer engagement.

Learn more about the tool by reading our customer story.

Many congratulations to PMI, Litterati, Clear Channel, and all those who were recognized at this year’s Geospatial Excellence Awards!

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