PostGIS core committer Sandro Santilli joins CartoDB


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PostGIS core committer Sandro Santilli joins CartoDB

We're really happy to announce the arrival of >Sandro Santilli one of the core committers of PostGIS to the CartoDB team.

Sandro is a key contributor to PostGIS and the underlying GEOS library that powers much of its vector capabilities. Having previously been the chief maintainer of PostGIS under Paul Ramsey at Refractions research Sandro has been active in the Geospatial technology community for many years.

It's no secret that CartoDB makes heavy use of PostGIS and Sandro brings with him a huge body of knowledge and experience that will be passed onto all CartoDB users. We're incredibly happy to welcome Sandro to the team and very excited about the future of Open Source Geospatial tools.

This also represents a big step for the PostGIS community with Sandro becoming the only committer 100% dedicated to the project. The entire Geospatial Open Source community will start benefiting very quickly as he helps drive PostGIS development.

Sandro will start working helping to get PostGIS 2.0 released as quickly as possible. When this first milestone is finished he will be working on making sure PostGIS remains the fastest and most feature rich Open Source geospatial database available. Especially interesting for CartoDB users this work will result in a much better service and many more innovative ways of using PostGIS especially with HTML5 web GIS viewers.

We as a team are very excited to work with such a talented person and look forward to seeing the great innovations that will arrive in PostGIS and CartoDB.