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Announcing #SDSC21: Telecoms & Utilities Summit

Following the success of the two industry-specific #SDSC21 events, the Spatial Data Science in Financial Services Summit & the Spatial Data Science in CPG & Retail Summit, we are very pleased to announce the addition of one more event to the #SDSC21 calendar; the Spatial Data Science in Telecoms & Utilities Summit.

Following the main #SDSC21 event later this year, the Spatial Data Science in Telecoms & Utilities Summit is the go-to event for analytics professionals using geospatial data for use cases such as:

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At this event we’ll bring together thought leaders in location-based analytics from different departments across leading Telecoms and Utilities brands, looking at the new types of geospatial data and modelling being used across the industry, discussing how this will enable the industry to adapt to a new normal of consumer behavior. We will also be hearing about the future of these industries, diving into topics such as renewables, electric vehicles, 5G connectivity, and IoT.

Examples of Previous Speakers from the Telecoms and Utilities Industry:

Andrew Stringer, Technology Partner Business Data and Insight Management at BT
Anthony Lopez, Senior Researcher at National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Charlie Vayas, Head of Big Data & Advertising at Telefonica
Richard Sutton, VP Geospatial at Skyhook
Rafaelle Gricinella, Strategic B2B Marketing Director at Vodafone
Paul Nathanail, Technical Director at GHD
Mudit Srivastav, Head of Advanced Analytics at Origin Energy
Kevin Han, Data Scientist at Urbint
Carlos Menendez, Head of Product at EDP Solar

If you would like to speak at any of the upcoming events please submit your abstract using the following links: Main Event / Telecoms & Utilities.

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