Spatial Spotlights: Introducing Weekly Geospatial Webinars!


Expand your spatial knowledge with Spatial Spotlights, weekly 15-minute webinars with CARTO experts sharing tips, tricks & best practices.

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Spatial Spotlights: Introducing Weekly Geospatial Webinars!

What are Spatial Spotlights?

Spatial Spotlights is our new series of weekly 15-minute webinars with an expert from the CARTO team. During these bitesize tutorials, our team will share tips & tricks, use case demonstrations, best practice guidance and much more! 

If you’re short on time but interested in learning more about leveraging H3 to tackle the analysis of large datasets, no-code applications for spatial analysis or want to know where to place your telco towers, then Spatial Spotlights are just what you need. Hosted live on LinkedIn, you can join the demos from your phone or watch them on-demand from our Spatial Spotlights playlist on YouTube.

A no-code approach to optimizing OOH advertising locations

Helen McKenzie, Geospatial Advocate, kicked off the series by showing us how to leverage Spatial Indexes along with human mobility & spend data to optimize locations for OOH billboards. Helen used CARTO Workflows, our low-code visual interface solution for running multi-stage analysis, to show us how we can gain insights from the data.

This talk focused on determining the optimal location for a CPG company to market their new soft drink product among 269 billboards across London. Helen leveraged food & drink spend (available from Experian in our Data Observatory) & footfall levels  (available from Unacast) to create a normalized index which identified the most impactful billboards. Increasing the visibility and reach of OOH advertising allows CPG companies to increase brand awareness, expose new products and differentiate themselves from competitors.

While this spotlight was centered on OOH, the approach could be utilized by many industries including CPG, retail & telecoms!

This month’s upcoming Spatial Spotlights

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