3 Businesses See More Green After Going Green


Location intelligence is the key to seeing green this Earth Day. Find out how your business can get green and see more of it too.

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3 Businesses See More Green After Going Green

Earth Day an annual event rallying support for environmental protection will take place this Saturday and marks the event's forty-seventh anniversary. A growing environmentally-conscious consumerism among millennials has helped support green initiatives as more and more businesses "go green."

CARTO is thrilled to see this business trend as it aligns with our mission to advance sustainability and help communities better prepare for climate change with data-driven solutions.

In honor of Earth Day 2017 check out these projects that put Location Intelligence in action to act against climate change.

1. Vizonomy's Climate Risk Platform

Vizonomy a global design and technology consultancy firm built a Climate Risk Platform to assess the potential impact of climate change. Incredibly this open source software used open data to help local governments lower costs associated with risk analysis by 80 percent.

Read more about location data’s role in efforts to combat climate change in our case study on Vizonomy! Download

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2. Global Forest Watch

Looking to attract eco-friendly customers? Then check out Global Forest Watch (GWF) a deforestation initiative that can help businesses with location planning as environmental insights can be found with the click of a mouse. The use of location data can provide your business with information on forest change or nearby land conservation which can have an impact on your daily operations.

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3. Simple Water

Filtering systems have replaced office water coolers and for good reasons. But just how clean is your office water? Well you can find out thanks to SimpleWater a company using spatial analysis and location data to identify sources of water pollution. This service provides smart water testing that includes personalized health analysis and treatment recommendations. Promoting water quality is a great way to attract new business.

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These are just a few examples of how location intelligence can transform location data into outcomes for environmentally-conscious businesses.

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Happy Earth Day!