Building Community with Member Benefits


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Building Community with Member Benefits

Fresh from a series of March conferences including FOSS4G Tapestry and NICAR the community team at CartoDB has been working to better support our geo-journalists with new curriculum and partnerships with professional orgs like IRE. Read on for all related geo-news!

New Member Benefits

Each year Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) hosts a conference to bring together journalists and technologists working in newsrooms globally. At this year's NICAR 2015 in Atlanta we were proud to [release a bunch of upgrades to support journalists]with better and more flexible maps! Among other awesome benefits IRE now provides members with 100MB of additional CartoDB space access to private and sync tables as well as a 30% discount on account upgrades for CartoDB. Interested IRE members should email with the subject line: "CartoDB upgrade " to qualify and start benefiting from these bonuses!

Conference Updates

For more on what we were up to at recent conferences checkout the following talk materials and notes from our attending developers and community advocates:

  • Andrew's talk @FOSS4G [What is a map?]
  • Andy's talk @FOSS4G [Everyone's a Geographer]
  • Kathyrn's (Azavea) talk @FOSS4G [Torque Time Lapse Map Animations Outside of CartoDB]
  • Aurelia's demo notes @Tapestry Storytelling with Torque and Odyssey.js

CartoDB in Atlanta  GA

Growing Education Growing Geo-News

This is a great time to check-in with our ever-growing library of tutorials and academy lessons: index how we are building educational materials around new features and services and weigh-in on what we might be missing. You can look forward to our soon-to-be-announced conference gathering together geo-journalists accross the Americas (save the date for May 15-16th). Stay tuned as well for more pairings with other organizations building cool curriculum on the web and future partnerships with professional groups supporting our community.

Meantime happy mapping!