A Public Utilities Solution: A Real-time Data Analysis System for REE


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A Public Utilities Solution: A Real-time Data Analysis System for REE

Analyzing data on important measures like electrical indicators can seem like a daunting task especially when that information needs to be timely and made available by law. When faced with the challenge of visualizing and analyzing over 2 000 indicators Red Eléctrica de España (REE) turned to CARTO.

REE is the sole transmission agent and operator of the Spanish electrical system with over 2 000 indicators related to the Spanish electrical grid. Using CARTO’s location and data analysis platform REE and Vizzuality created a network of maps and graphs that spatially represents thousands of crucial information to clients and customers in an accessible way.

Geographic analysis and customized foreign data wrappers were used to discover strategic information in a format that made processing information easy and understandable for clients and customers.

Not only can a seasoned electrical engineer harness the power of open data-driven visualizations but a novice purveyor curious about electrical output in the region can gain access to valuable information in a clear visualization. CARTO connects via foreign data wrappers (FDW) to their data warehouse so there’s always instant synchronization of geospatial data. Additionally CARTO helped REE and its clients understand the geographical distribution of electricity metrics including generation and consumption.

Discover how REE used CARTO to visualize and analyze crucial public information while adding transparency to their network offerings

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CARTO is an open powerful and intuitive platform for discovering and predicting the key insights underlying the massive location data in our world. To learn more about how CARTO helped REE visualize and analyze their electrical indicators for better customer services through the power of location intelligence and data analysis read our case study today.

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