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Spatial Data Science Conference '21: More Speakers Confirmed

With just under 3 weeks to go until the 5th annual Spatial Data Science Conference we are very excited to announce new additions to the speaker lineup. Since our first announcement these include:

  • Minori Matsuda - Data Scientist Manager - Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan - Minori is currently Data Scientist Manager at Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. He is a specialist in Machine Learning, Linguistics, Statistics & Data Analytics with an MBA in Business Administration. He has been recognized as a Google Developers Expert (Machine Learning) by Google.
  • Denise Pearl - Global ISV Lead - Google - Denise is an experienced sales leader capable of building teams & processes to support strategic opportunities from exploratory conversations to the negotiation of highly complex deals. Striving in every organization to be a corporate polymath connecting internal & external teams to help build value chains between customers & solutions.
  • Gerardo Lastra - Team Leader Data Scientist - Vodafone - Gerardo Lastra is a Team Leader Data Scientist at Vodafone Business. He leads the development of a solution called Vodafone Analytics that turns network data into mobility insights and is live in many markets across Vodafone's international footprint. He holds a MEng in Computer Science and a MSc in Artificial Intelligence, and even though his current position is a data science role, he is also passionate about applying software engineering principles and devops practices in his day-to-day.
  • Rosalie van der Maas, MSc - CEO - Ellipsis Drive - Rosalie is co-founder and CEO of Ellipsis Drive. She was accepted into Dutch Design school at age 15, organized her own events on Big Data & society at age 20, and founded her first company at age 22. The journey goes on!
  • Bilal Lodhi - Director, Advanced Analytics - Bain & Company - Bilal is a Director in Bain & Company's Advanced Analytical Group. He has extensive experience in customer segmentation, predictive modeling, white space analysis, complexity reduction, pricing research and big data analytics.
  • Tova Perlman - Research Fellow - Data Science for Social Good - Tova has a Masters in Urban Spatial Analytics and loves working primarily on urban related issues like housing and economic development. She was thrilled to be part of the Data Science for Social Good fellowship, working with the UN to map internet connectivity throughout the world.
  • Dan Baeder - Data Scientist - Deloitte - Luc is a Senior Fellow at NORC at the University of Chicago in the Academic Research Centers. He is a leading world scholar among geographers, economists, & planners in the world on the subject of spatial econometrics.
  • Eva Murray - Senior Evangelist, EMEA - Snowflake - Eva Murray is a recognised expert in data visualization and has published two books on data visualisation and community building. Eva helps Snowflake’s customers drive user adoption and increase the role data plays in decision making.
  • Nik Hengel - VP, Localytics - Novus Media - Nik is an experienced marketing analytics & optimization leader with a demonstrated history of working in the retail marketing & web analytics industries. He is skilled in media planning analytics, integrated marketing performance, Test-and-Learn optimization & has a BS focused in Marketing from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.
  • Jan Benetka - Senior Research Scientist - Unacast - Jan has a PhD from the Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU). During his PhD, his main research objectives were intelligent digital assistants & their ability to proactively provide information based on users' context (such as location or time).

New #SDSC21 Sponsors

Graphic displaying new sponsors of #SDSC21

Alongside sponsors previously announced we are pleased to welcome Ellipsis Drive and Kinetica as new bronze sponsors.

  • Ellipsis Drive - Ellipsis Drive is optimized for sharing, collaborating on, and selling geospatial content. It empowers professionals to safely activate, manage, and share their data via the web in under 10 minutes.
  • Kinetica - Kinetica is an analytics database for fusing data across streams and data lakes to unlock value from spatial and temporal data at scale and speed.
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