Visualizing Branch Optimization for Cajamar


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Visualizing Branch Optimization for Cajamar

The Cajamar Group finds shared interests between the financial sector and data scientists worthy of future investments with the help of location intelligence.

One of Spain’s premiere financial institutions the Cajamar Group serves the banking needs of four million clients across 1 200 branches has found that location intelligence bolsters productivity across their organization’s various departments. The Business Analytics Team for instance found CARTO to be an asset in managing Cajamar’s Strategic Branch Optimization Plan. Maintaining optimal performance at current branches while also locating areas in which to expand requires studying both micro and macro level geodata a process made simpler through data visualizations. Our platform’s easy to integrate software helped the Business Analytics team develop dashboards whose intuitive design allowed colleagues without a background in GIS training to collaborate across various departments.

“CARTO has improved our productivity ” explains Antonio Font Pérez “and also has given more visibility to our work internally and to our clients.”

But Cajamar is also collaborating beyond the banking and financing industry with its Cajamar Data Lab. Cajamar Data Lab recently hosted a Python Hack which tasked contestants with visually representing 890 610 card transactions across Almería. The winning submission in the Card Category Analytics competition from StyleSageMapppers used CARTO to create a data visualization of consumption patterns across the province. In the image below for example StyleSageMapppers’ data visualization maps transactions across the region and with the widget dashboard viewers can explore the dataset by areas of interest.

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We’re delighted to see collaborations such as Cajamar Data Lab because it reminds us all of how geodata informs a growing number of day-to-day operations across many industries. Can’t wait to see what collaborations 2017 has in store!

Happy Data Mapping!