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How Vodafone & CARTO are providing Location Insights at MTV Music Week Bizkaia

Vodafone, one of the world’s leading telcos, will provide a series of pioneering solutions to optimize the management of MTV Music Week Bizkaia through advanced location analytics and IoT technology.

As event sponsors and technology partners of the festival, Vodafone have rolled out a series of sensors onsite, generating unique insights on waste management, service availability, temperature and humidity, noise monitoring, energy efficiency, and population movement.

In the run up to the event (which starts on October 29th), event organizers will be able to use Vodafone Analytics—a unique Location Intelligence solution powered by CARTO. Using anonymized and aggregated Big Data, decision makers will be able to understand key insights such as the number of visitors and catchment areas to different areas of the city - as well as gaining information on the demographics of visitor and tourists.

Vodafone Analytics

Once the event finishes on November 3rd, it will also be possible to access insights from before, during and after the festival - delivering information on the economic and operational impact of a such an event on Bizkaia - comparing to other international events that have been hosted in the area, such as international rugby finals or the BBK live music festival.

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Providing real-time insights on the festival’s audience from IoT sensors and mobile event data, the Vodafone Analytics solution will put MTV Music Week Bizkaia on the map as pioneers in terms of crowd population and event analysis—running a global event in a data-driven and sustainable way.

To read the full press release, visit Vodafone’s website here.

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