CARTO now available on Snowflake Partner Connect


CARTO is now available on the Snowflake Partner Connect portal - discover how to activate and get started today!

This post may describe functionality for an old version of CARTO. Find out about the latest and cloud-native version here.
CARTO now available on Snowflake Partner Connect

We are happy to announce that CARTO is now available on the Snowflake Partner Connect portal, giving users seamless, near-instant access to CARTO’s geospatial analysis and visualization capabilities to get the most out of their location-based data in Snowflake. 

With this native integration, it’s now easier than ever to connect CARTO to spatial data hosted in Snowflake’s Data Cloud; and to start building interactive maps, create data transformation and analysis workflows, and develop spatial applications in just a matter of clicks.

What is Snowflake Partner Connect?

Snowflake Partner Connect is a portal that provides Snowflake users with an ecosystem of pre-built, fully integrated data applications and services. Users can discover, access, and deploy a wide range of third-party solutions directly within their Snowflake environment. Our integration not only streamlines the onboarding process, but also ensures that users can take full advantage of their data in Snowflake with other cloud-native applications in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

CARTO's integration on Snowflake Partner Connect

What CARTO provides to Snowflake users

With CARTO’s spatial analytics platform now available through Snowflake Partner Connect, organizations with data hosted in Snowflake can enjoy an array of benefits when working with spatial data at scale that go far beyond traditional GIS platforms, such as:

  • Fully cloud native: CARTO integrates seamlessly with Snowflake, connecting your Snowflake account and database in a matter of clicks. This means you can immediately begin using CARTO's spatial capabilities without the hassle of setting up additional infrastructure, or creating complex ETL processes.
  • Scalability and Performance: CARTO's cloud-native platform leverages the scalability and performance of Snowflake. This ensures that you can handle large datasets and complex geospatial analysis queries with ease.
  • Best-in-class map visualizations: CARTO has built the most advanced technology to dynamically generate tiles to render your spatial data on web maps natively from the data warehouse. Use CARTO’s point and click features in Builder or our App Development libraries to create stunning, interactive maps using your data in Snowflake.
  • Advanced geospatial analysis: CARTO's geospatial analysis tools let you answer complex questions related to spatial data. Extending Snowflake's capabilities to manage and analyze spatial data, CARTO’s Analytics Toolbox for Snowflake (also available as a Native App in Snowflake) offers a unique set of native functionalities for your geospatial analysis, from statistics, H3 support, to geocoding, routing and isolines. Use CARTO Workflows, our no-code tool to create and automate your data transformation and analysis pipelines running on Snowflake.
  • Accelerated spatial app development: CARTO integrates a complete toolkit of APIs, frameworks, libraries and templates so you can fast-track your spatial app development cycle on top of Snowflake.
  • Access to +12,000 spatial datasets to enrich your own data: CARTO enables Snowflake users to enrich their own data with geospatial context. You can enhance your data with a catalog of +12,000 external geospatial datasets available from our Data Observatory to generate even more powerful location-based insights.

Getting started with CARTO on Snowflake Partner Connect

Getting started with CARTO on Snowflake Partner Connect is straightforward. As an Admin user, simply access the Partner Connect portal within your Snowflake account, search for CARTO, and create your account. You can start exploring the exciting world of Location Intelligence with your Snowflake data in no time at all.

Note that the CARTO organization account that is created will be a new Free Trial account. To know more about CARTO’s enterprise subscription plans or to adapt the account to your current plan, please talk to your CARTO representative or contact us here.

The integration of CARTO with Snowflake Partner Connect is a significant step towards facilitating access to geospatial visualization and analytical capabilities for Snowflake users. Don't miss out on this opportunity to leverage the power of CARTO on Snowflake.

Get started today and supercharge your data analytics with Location Intelligence!