Climate change data now available in CARTO thanks to The Climate Data Factory

Over the past years, many of the extreme weather events that occured around the world are known to be worsened by man-induced climate change through green-house gas emissions. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) considers that ‘global surface temperature will continue to increase until at least the mid-century under all emissions scenarios considered’. As this happens, society has to adapt to the physical risks arising from a changing climate. These circumstances make access to climate information essential for risk analysis. In the corporate world, the finance sector is leading the way with the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures , an initiative that has gained momentum over the past years with thousands of financial actors across more than 80 countries now evaluating and disclosing the impact of climate change on their assets.

The ability to access fit-for-purpose, science-based, quality-controlled climate data allowing the exploration of change scenarios across multiple geographies is key for forward-looking physical risk assessment in a coherent manner across use cases. Additionally, access to data in a standardized form means less time spent on processing and transforming and more time available for risk analysis. With this in mind, we are very pleased to announce our partnership with The Climate Data Factory (TCDF) and the inclusion of their ready-to-use forward-looking climate change data within our Data Observatory.

Ready-to-use climate change projections

The Climate Data Factory delivers climate change data that is “ready-to-use”, meaning that their data are suitable for direct use in climate change impact studies and physical risk assessments. Their referenced high-resolution, multi-model, and multi-scenarios datasets of weather variables are the most coherent collection available of climate information. Such data are used for local physical risk analysis and impact modeling for locations around the world and across many sectors (finance, energy, water management, agriculture, etc.).

The Climate Data Factory’s expert team has a solid track record in climate data management processing and is trusted by international organizations such as the European Environmental Agency. Their skills range from expert knowledge, data science, engineering, and cloud computing to climate, hydrology, and crop modeling. As part of this partnership, the Climate Data Factory will be providing CARTO with their collections of standardized and coherent climate change hazards global datasets. All data has been interpolated and repackaged in order to be available for each country as well as globally.

As a start, surface temperature and precipitation data for two emission scenarios will be available in the CARTO Data Observatory and other indicators and specific hazards (e.g. wildfire, landslide, storm severity) will be implemented according to demand.

Our Data Partnerships Manager, Vanessa López Eslava, reflected on this partnership:

In a context of growing concern about climate risk, many sectors require reliable climate data to assess their exposure to changing climate patterns. We are very excited about our partnership with The Climate Data Factory and the ability for our customers to access high-quality standardized climate data for every country in the world

Surface temperature and precipitation long term outlook

Those two essential weather variables, temperature and precipitation included in the datasets package offered through CARTO’s Data Observatory, feature climate simulations that were used in the 6th Assessment report of the IPCC. The original data was processed to increase spatial resolution and was quality controlled. As datasets are voluminous, 30-year averages over reference periods (or climatologies) are provided to evaluate changes in average climate conditions for two future emission scenarios compared to historical climates.

The Climate Data Factory will be offering a package of 3 datasets, per country or globally, with temperature and precipitation data aggregated at H3 resolution 5:

  • Historical climatology: 30-year averages of each calendar month covering 1991 to 2020.
  • Future climatology under SSP2-4.5 scenario (an intermediate-emissions scenario): Projected 30-year averages of each calendar month statistics for near future (2021-2050) and far future (2071-2100) periods.
  • Future Climatology under SSP5-8.5 scenario (a high-emissions scenario): Projected 30 year averages of each calendar month statistics for near future (2021-2050) and far future (2071-2100) periods.

Mean temperature forecast for July 2071-2100 under SSP2-4.5 and SSP5-8.5 scenarios - USA

Mean precipitation forecast for July 2071-2100 under SSP2-4.5 and SSP5-8.5 scenarios - Spain

As weather patterns continue to change and historical data are no longer fit for purpose, The Climate Data Factory’s ready-to-use climate data provide a unique level of insight into scenarios of changes that allow for robust risk assessments to support resilience planning within businesses and organizations.

This high-resolution, high-quality data are primed to provide sectors including transport, retail, utilities, and finance with greater visibility of climate-related physical risk, helping to make organizations more resilient by better preparing for upcoming changes.

Harilaos Loukos, CEO at The Climate Data Factory

To learn more about The Climate Data Factory’s data offering in the Data Observatory please visit our Spatial Data Catalog.

About the author
Vanessa López Eslava

Vanessa is a Data Partnerships Manager at CARTO, establishing and coordinating our relationship with top class location data providers worldwide.

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About the author
Harilaos Loukos

Harilaos is the CEO of The Climate Data Factory. He is an entrepreneur with scientific and business expertise in the field of weather and climate services.

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