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Data Monetization: A Complimentary Guide for Enterprise

The global data monetization market is projected to reach over $370 billion by 2023. 68% of organizations will increase investment in Spatial Data Science over the next two years (according to The State of SDS in Enterprise) leading to a soaring demand for spatial data of all types.

Alongside recent enhancements to our own Data Observatory and following years of experience helping industry leading companies (such as Mastercard, Vodafone, and many others) with their data monetization strategies, we have produced a report to provide best practices for organizations aspiring to monetize their spatial Big Data externally.

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Transforming Data into a Viable Product

Once you have identified which of your data assets have the potential to be monetized, the next step is to transform them into a viable product. The report looks into seven key areas in detail which need to be considered.

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Why Spatial Data is a Special Case

Building a spatial data product adds an extra degree of complexity, and certain additional factors need to be taken into account. Download the full report to discover what these are.

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Integrating with a Data Marketplace

In recent years, with the rise of data monetization and related industries, many data marketplaces have also emerged, centralizing the commercialization of an array of data products from different providers. Examples of such commercial data exchanges are AWS Data Exchange, Snowflake Data Marketplace, GCP Commercial Datasets, and CARTO Data Observatory.

Data monetization is a highly attractive market and can be complementary to your core product and service offerings. Download the full 28 page report, “Spatial Data Monetization 101,” to see all of our recommendations and insights.

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Dan is the Content Marketing Manager at CARTO. Dan holds a Masters in Electronic Engineering with business experience in development, sales, training and marketing. Prior to joining CARTO, Dan was a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Apple.

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