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Experian's WorldView Spatial Data available in CARTO's Data Observatory

In today’s rapidly changing economy, being able to access and analyze global high-quality spatial data is fundamental to organizations using Location Intelligence. With thousands of organizations adapting to the impact of the “new normal”, analysts in a wide range of industries need more data than ever to keep their finger on the pulse as consumer behavior evolves faster than ever before.

Whether it is for Site Consolidation in Retail, Shopper Insights in CPG or Commercial Real Estate market analysis, having the right spatial data for your use case is critical in order to build effective models.

A range of our enterprise clients are already taking advantage of our partnership with Experian to access their WorldView data through our Data Observatory.

Why WorldView?

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Consumer Expenditure
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Consumer Segments
91 countries
6.2 billion people
81% of world population
91 countries
12 product categories
76 countries
5.6 billion people
73% of world population

Experian WorldView provides key socio-demographic attributes through enriched 250 square meter grids covering the globe, providing immediate access to accurate information to help you make effective global location planning and consumer insight decisions. WorldView data available through our Data Observatory includes:

  • Sociodemographics
  • Consumer Expenditure
  • Consumer Segments


Worldview combines Experian’s own datasets with partner data to produce a consistent set of socio-demographic measures for over 91 countries globally. Main features are:

  • Population
  • Population by age and gender
  • Number of households
  • Disposable income data
  • Unemployment

View a data sample.

Consumer Expenditure

Experian has access to consumer expenditure estimates for around 91 countries which use a common methodology incorporating sources from national statistics authorities aligned with globally consistent sources (Eurostat/UN/OECD).

Consumer Expenditure estimates comprise household goods - durable, semi-durable and non-durable - and services in the domestic market. Consumer spending for 12 different product categories, including Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Housing, Clothing and Footwear, Transport, Education and others.

View a data sample.

Consumer Segments

WorldView segments have been developed to segment the global population into 10 consistent consumer types by analysing data including:

  • Demographics
  • Value orientation
  • Attitudes
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Consumption volume
  • The segments have been identified and validated in detailed international primary research. They enable the identification of customer target groups and the segmentation of markets consistently across multiple countries. The data is built using a combination of WorldView Demographics enhanced with consumer survey panel data across a number of regions where available.

    View a data sample.
    Our Head of Data, Javier Perez Trufero, reflected on this partnership:

    Experian is one of the most important data brands out there globally, with many of our existing customers already relying on their data to drive their most important business decisions - particularly in verticals such as CPG, Financial Services and Retail. This alliance will bring further value to our customers as they look to navigate the new normal in the next year."

    Head of Data & Analytics EXPERIAN Targeting EMEA Stéphane Martis also commented:

    WorldView uses the most advanced data and statistical methods, for example satellite imagery and machine learning, to provide consistent data and insights across the globe, at a granular level of 250 by 250 meter grids. It is essential to use consistent and consolidated local data, along with a powerful spatial analysis platform, to make business critical decisions. The partnership between Experian and CARTO allows users from any vertical to do so.

    If you are looking to understand more about how you might use Location Intelligence in your organization, you can explore our Customer Stories library here - or, you can speak to one of our spatial data experts to discuss potential use cases - simply contact us here.

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    EU Flag This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 960401.
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