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Building COVID-19 Dashboards with Google BigQuery

Together, CARTO and Google BigQuery provide a next generation spatial data infrastructure for organizations looking to analyze their location data.

In previous posts we have looked at the ease of use of our BigQuery connector, how to use it to visualize Google Analytics and big spatial data, and how it powers our Data Observatory.

In this post we introduce our latest white paper, looking at how governments and corporate organizations are using Google Cloud Platform with CARTO to create intuitive COVID-19 dashboards in the cloud.

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Across the globe, real-time dashboards to understand COVID-19 trends are not just reaching data analytics or spatial analysis audiences - they have also become a key part of decision-making processes for a range of organizations in both the public and private sector.

An example dashboard, built by our team, using a CARTO React/Redux framework called Isthmus and syncing with USA facts data from BigQuery can be seen below.

Whether you are running PPE supply chains, planning returns to the workplace or involved in economic recovery use cases - having the right tools in place to make data-driven decisions is fundamental.

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Dan is the Content Marketing Manager at CARTO. Dan holds a Masters in Electronic Engineering with business experience in development, sales, training and marketing. Prior to joining CARTO, Dan was a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Apple.

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