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MBI's global spatial data available in CARTO's Data Observatory

In today’s rapidly changing economy, being able to access and analyze global high-quality spatial data is fundamental to organizations using Location Intelligence. With thousands of organizations adapting to the impact of the “new normal”, analysts in a wide range of industries need more data than ever to keep their finger on the pulse as consumer behavior evolves faster than ever before.

Whether it is for Site Consolidation in Retail, Shopper Insights in CPG or Commercial Real Estate market analysis, having the right spatial data for your use case is critical in order to build effective models.

A range of our enterprise clients are already taking advantage of our partnership with Michael Bauer International (MBI) to access their renowned, high-quality data through our Data Observatory. This includes datasets such as:

  • Sociodemographics
  • Consumer spending
  • Consumer styles
  • Retail centrality
  • Retail spending

With data available in more than 150 countries, this is particularly relevant to organizations looking to use Location Intelligence in multiple areas, in both developed and emerging markets. Here you can see an example of MBI’s data visualized in CARTO:

The agreement also enables CARTO users to access digital boundaries for administrative, census and postal regions which can be used for enrichment and to build visualizations that enable business leaders to make decisions at a more relevant granularity.

Our Head of Data, Javier Perez Trufero, reflected on this partnership:

The risks and financial repercussions of using bad data are not something that companies can afford in the current economic climate, with many being faced with make or break decisions this year. Our clients trust us to ensure the Data Observatory has the highest-quality, global, and most accurate data possible - and Michael Bauer International's data provides that in abundance. We're excited to see how our customers continue to use our platform and data to continue supporting their most important decisions.

MBI’s Managing Director, Ray Roberts-York also commented:

CARTO brings tremendous value to the MBI authorized partner network and joins an elite cadre of international location technology companies and leading GIS software developers. This new partnership not only arms customers with unparalleled technology, products, and support, but will now also provide users with a rich global data catalog, and help organizations who need to gain deeper location-based insights no matter where they are in the world.

If you are looking to understand more about how you might use Location Intelligence in your organization, you can explore our Customer Stories library here - or, you can speak to one of our spatial data experts to discuss potential use cases - simply contact us here.

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Flo is the Chief Marketing Officer at CARTO, leading our Demand Generation, Content, Product Marketing and SDR teams to translate the value of Location Intelligence to existing and prospective clients, generating demand for spatial analysis use cases on our platform. Prior to joining CARTO, Flo was Global Head of Marketing and Communications for LUCA, Telefónica's specialist Big Data unit.

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